Semester 1
Modules Tools
Graphics and Illustrations Fundamentals
Anatomy Study
Typography Design
Digital Illustrations Adobe Illustrator CS6
Digital Painting Adobe Photoshop CS6
Digital Filmmaking Concepts Adobe Photoshop CS6
Video Editing Adobe Premier Pro
Audio Editing Adobe Audition
Design Portfolio Project
Semester 2
Modules Tools
3D Basics - Modeling to Animation MAYA Unlimited
Digital Modeling with Maya MAYA Unlimited
Digital Sculpting MAYA Unlimited
Texturing 3D Models with Maya MAYA Unlimited
Lighting and Rendering Models with Maya MAYA Unlimited
Rigging 3D Models with Maya MAYA Unlimited
3D Character Animation MAYA Unlimited
Fx, Dynamics and Simulation MAYA Unlimited
Matchmoving and Camera Tracking NukeX
Crowd Simulation Golaem Crowd
Working with Arnold Renderer Arnold renderer for Maya
Digital Compositing
3D Animation Portfolio Project
Semester 3
Modules Tools
VFX Film making
Pre-visualization Maya
Introduction to Nuke Nuke
Rotoscopy using Silhouette Silhouette & Nuke
Wire removal Nuke
Color Correction Nuke
Green/ Blue screen Nuke
Matchmoving & Camera tracking NukeX
Matte Painting Nuke & Photoshop
Specialization & Digital Portfolio Development (Choose 1 elective)


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